About the best stuff EVER

Meet the Curiosity behind Pinkleton’s Curious Caramel Corn…

Pinkleton’s is a small-batch caramel corn confectionary located in Portland Oregon.  We are uncompromisingly committed to using the best  ingredients possible.

With a decidedly Victorian & vintage feel, Pinkleton’s is obsessed with getting caramel-corn just right. We use no artificial ingredients.

This caramel corn can only be made in very small batches, going through a toasting process that creates an unbelievably light crunch that has to be tasted to be believed.

We Use

  • Organic & local Oregon butter from Larsen’s Creamery
  • Hand harvested sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co.
  • Double-Fold Bourbon Madagascar and Mexican vanillas from Nielsen-Massey
  • A ‘ball style’ heirloom popcorn that is non-GMO
  • Imported Austrian corn syrup (non-GMO is unavailable in America)
  • Fair-trade cocoa powder

We Are

Pinkleton’s is owned and run by Jonathan Poe. A graduate of The New School of Cooking in Los Angeles, Jonathan has been cooking up a storm for as long as he (and his family) can remember. For his fifth birthday he burst into tears upon receiving an EasyBake oven, claiming that it “was for babies” and that he wanted a “real one”.

Our Curious Flavors


A wonderful crunch accompanying afternoon tea, classic cocktails and great coffee.


The heat builds on this one, so be sure to have your favorite cold beverage to enjoy it with!


Pairs beautifully with coffee & tea… or a dark and delicious stout!